Would You Drive 13 Miles for $395?

Would You Drive 13 Miles for $395?

Say you’re making a trip that’s longer than 550 miles. That’s probably more than a one-day trip. Since shorter hauls typically pay higher rates per mile than long hauls, it might be worth taking a look at alternatives for that long return trip. 

In these cases, a triangular route that adds a second stop on the way home makes really good sense. Look for a pair of shorter trips that, added together, pay much better than a long haul lane. 

A good example is Chicago to Philadelphia, currently paying an average van rate of $2.59/mile or $1,963 on the spot market. The backhaul pays $1.31 or $993 to the truck. But Philadelphia to Cleveland pays $1.84/mile or $788, and Cleveland to Chicago pays $1.75/mile or $600. So instead of $993 on the backhaul, the truck could earn $1,388 for about the same number of miles home. This trip adds a total of 13 miles and pays $395 more.

RateView’s TriHaul feature can also help you put together some creative routing whenever the regular roundtrip isn’t balanced. Whenever you search a lane, RateView will suggest up to five possible TriHauls that could help improve your loaded rate per mile and your total revenue. The TriHaul tool is also integrated into some DAT load board packages.

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